Racing Series

Built to take a beating.

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Our Racing Series hydraulic transom brackets increase overall speed and performance.

Awesome, awesome set up…the whole thing. Love mine. Build quality components strength and advantages over conventional jackplate are noticeable instantly, just by looking at it. Noticeable In seconds of driving. Single Best performance investment I made so far in the boat since we put it all together. Porta bracket was last to go on and I could not be more satisfied. Thank you all at porta products for your help and support.
Ken Bird December 21,2019

Performance and Dependability

Ready to “raise” your game to the next level?

Our sales reps will help you identify the perfect fit for your boat. Send us a few simple measurements from your transom and we will take it from there!

Price List


Model # Set-Back Vert Lift Max HP Req Width Retail Price
81615 8″in/203.2mm 2″in/50.8mm 300 15″in/381mm 4115.00 USD
81618 8″in/203.2mm 2″in/50.8mm 500 18″in/457.2mm 4306.00 USD
81622 8″in/203.2mm 2″in/50.8mm 750 22″in/558.8mm 4689.00 USD
101915 10″in/254mm 3.5″in/88.9mm 300 15″in/381mm 4165.00 USD
101918 10″in/254mm 3.5″in/88.9mm 500 18″in/457.2mm 4356.00 USD
101922 10″in/254mm 3.5″in/88.9mm 750 22″in/558.8mm 4739.00 USD
121915 12″in/304.8mm 6.5″in/165.1mm 300 15″in/381mm 4215.00 USD
121918 12″in/304.8mm 6.5″in/165.1mm 500 18″in/457.2mm 4406.00 USD
121922 12″in/304.8mm 6.5″in/165.1mm 750 22″in/558.8mm 4789.00 USD