The Porta Hydraulic Transom Bracket

Constructed of rugged aircraft aluminum and designed for  minimal maintenance and long life in extreme duty environments.

Unique and unparalleled

Enhance your boating and fishing experience.

The Porta Hydraulic Transom Bracket is a moveable parallelogram that combines the best features of two products. As a parallelogram, the engine remains at the same trim angle throughout the entire range of travel ot the Porta Bracket. A stationary transom bracket extends the motor off the back of the boat for economy and more room inside the boat – but cannot raise or lower the motor to find the “sweet spot” for performance, to accommodate shallow water fishing, or to provide motor protection raise-and-tilt. Hydraulic jack plates can raise and lower the motor a short distance (usually six inches max) but does not offer the setback advantages of a transom bracket. With the Porta Hydraulic Transom Bracket you get both – the setback, with its advantages, and the vertical movement range – of 2″ to 22″ – much more than is offered by any any other sysytem. Unique is indeed the word for this remarkable product.

The Porta Hydraulic Transom Bracket goes where no engine bracket has gone before. Straight up and straight down. It lifts from one to six outboard motors…effortlessly…hydraulically. What makes it unique is, it lifts the motors vertically, up to 22″, with setbacks of 8″-10″12″- 17″-21″-26″. Eliminating the need for lower unit anti-fouling paint. The Porta Bracket also allows the gearcase to be raised above the bottom of the boat without tilting, keeping  the propshaft parallel with the direction of the boat, Creating infinitely more access to shallow water with unparalleled navigability. The Porta Bracket is constructed of rugged aircraft aluminum. It features one hydraulic cylinder per outboard, each with 5,000 lbs of lift  and two hydraulic cylinders per engine on the industrial/commercial models. It’s like having a setback bracket and an extreme jackplate in one dependable product with 3 times the vertical range of anything else on the water.

Fishing Series

Looking to access shallow water? Our fishing series is for you.

Commercial Series

The benefits of our fishing series with the added benefit of strength.

Racing Series

Our Racing Series hydraulic transom brackets increase overall speed and performance.

Porta Products Corporation


Porta Products Corporation was founded in 1980 by Scott Porta. The company holds a variety of  US patents predominately associated with the marine industry.

Porta’s primary product is the  Porta Hydraulic Transom Bracket , a one of a kind product in terms of vertical travel and number of motors accommodated.

Located in New Smyrna Beach, an ocean and  riverfront community on Florida’s central east coast, Porta Products  is also known for design and production of  performance enhancing hydrodynamic and aerodynamic hullforms for offshore racing,  along with shock midigating designs for government and military vessels. 



Vertical Range

Up to 22″, with setbacks of 8″-10″-12″- 17″-21″-26″

Single engine Maximum Capacity

Engine weight 1500 Lbs Horsepower 1000

Engines supported

One to five depending on model

Benefits of the Porta Bracket

  • Reduces outboard motor downtime
  • Improves boat handling in shallow water
  • Improves top end speed
  • Improves engine fuel economy
  • Can raise the engine gearcase above the bottom of the boat without tilting
  • Allows the propulsion line to remain parallel with the direction of the boat
  • Allows motors to be tilted completely out of the water
  • Frees space inside the boat
  • Eliminate the need for a flats boat
  • Eliminates the need for lower unit anti-fouling paint
  • Eliminates the electrolytic damage to the motor(s) at the dock
  • Fishermen love it. Fish fear it. Fishing is more fun with it.
  • Rather race? Get a multiple engine model and speed, speed, speed!
  • Thirty-seven production models and unlimited custom designs to carry every outboard manufactured from 60-600 horsepower.