Industrial / Commercial Series

The Industrial/Commercial Series is a Heavier-Duty version of the Porta Bracket that can lift up to 10,000 lbs.

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Our Industrial Commercial Series hydraulic transom brackets perform flawlessly and dependably under all conditions. From extreme heat, to sub zero temperatures.

Perfect for the heavy duty work boat application. Available in 12, 17, and 21″ and 26″ setbacks. Vertical Lift ranges from 6.5″ to 22″ depending on setback. Each bracket has 2 hydraulic lift cylinders per engine to handle the heaviest high torque outboards.

Dependability under extreme conditions

Ready to “raise” your game to the next level?

Our sales reps will help you identify the perfect model fit for your boat. Send us a few simple measurements from your transom and we will take it from there!

Price List

Engines weighing over 800lbs require our heavy duty Industrial/Commercial Series. These brackets are available in single, twin, triple, and quad engine applications. For mutiple engine applications please contact us for pricing. 

Single I/C-Series

Transom Height Requirements Model # Set-Back Vert Lift Max HP Req Width Retail Price



12″in/304.8mm 6.5″in/165.1mm 1000 24″in/609.6mm 6,252.00 USD
20″ to 32″ 508mm to 812.8mm 171924 IC 17″in/431.8mm 12″in/304.8mm 750 24″in/609.6mm 6,343.00 USD
32″ to 36″ 812.8mm to 914.4mm 211924 IC 21″in/533.4mm 15″in/381mm 750 24″in/609.6mm 6,502.00 USD
36″ plus 914.4mm plus 261924 IC 26″in/660.4mm 22″in/558.8mm 750 24″in/609.6mm 6,946.00 USD